• Mentoring – AUSCSEC Directors are passionate about cyber security; they also strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships
  • Each of the Directors has a unique connection back to their grass-roots and knows how important it is to give back by helping someone to improve their knowledge and learnings. AUSCSEC believes it is a privilege to help people to build their careers by passing on knowledge and valuable lessons learned.

  • Mentoring is beneficial to both the Mentee and the Mentor. Mentoring sharpens your mind and re-tests your thinking on issues. Mentoring forces you to re-engage your listening skills and reminds you that quiet reflection and listening to someone can reshape and reinvigorate your own ideas. Mentoring makes you a better communicator and provides endless opportunities for your Mentee to use you as a sounding board for their great ideas and provides them with a safe sandbox to voice their ideas. To have the chance to shape the next generation of cyber security aware leaders is one opportunity that AUSCSEC Directors don’t want to miss
  • Ultimately, our vision is to help build a cyber-resilient community. Mentoring provides an opportunity to help shape local attitudes to cyber and by doing so, helping to contribute to building a cyber-resilient nation

Some of our Mentoring program partners:

AUSCSEC Directors also give their time freely to Academia by being available to lecture on various ICT, Security, and Leadership opportunities. They are part of University discussion panels, supporting students, helping them to engage with industry experts, and providing frank and honest feedback when required.
Pro Bono training on security awareness / virtual remote outreach program being designed to focus on remote locations, small businesses, and schools within those remote areas. Reaching out to local regional councils to speak at community meetings and identifying ways to help people in remote regions understand the importance of cyber security controls to keep themselves and their businesses safe. This outreach program provides assistance to parents to help them understand how important it is to talk to their children about online bullying and provides opportunities for parents to interact with us on any security issues they may be having.