The AUSCSEC Difference

AUSCSEC brings a human-centric approach to cyber security in developing an organisational cyber resilience program of work that is co-designed with you and tailored to work within your financial budget. That approach begins with a two-step assessment of your environment; a technical assessment of your IT environment; and a tailored assessment of your organisation’s people and its processes, particularly from a cyber security perspective. This second step has the added benefit of helping develop a keen awareness of relevant and current cyber security matters.

What makes AUSCSEC different is:

  • Our people’s ability to quickly understand your business model and operating constraints as they relate to cyber security
  • Our view that your data is your greatest asset.Understanding your critical data assets is essential in mitigating any cyber risks you may have. AUSCSEC will work with you to identify your critical data assets and ensure they are properly backed up and recoverable. Ultimately, whomever controls that data has the power to influence you or your organisation
  • Being vendor agnostic allows AUSCSEC to stay true to its ethos of personalised service and thus AUSCSEC will work with any hardware and software you have within your ICT environment
  • Our proficiency in reviewing existing cyber investments, enabling us to co-design a cyber security investment plan supported by strong business cases aligned to your cyber resilience strategy and your corporate and business plans


AUSCSEC knows that informing people they have vulnerabilities is only half of it, the other half is planning, implementing, and remediating vulnerabilities. We view our job as helping you make well-informed decisions based upon the evidence and facts about your organisation’s cyber security posture.

Cyber security is a shared responsibility and its everyone’s business. The importance of cyber security is as an enabler to the company and should be embedded in an organisations’ development projects, business as usual activities, operational practices and its staff culture. AUSCSEC does that by working as a partner with you, co-designing, planning and implementing your Cyber resilience journey, thus ensuring your community and our nation is secure and resilient.

Getting the Balance right & Fit for Purpose Solutions

AUSCSEC understands that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to cyber, it’s confusing not knowing what to do first, what is critical and what can wait. That ‘to-do’ list looks long and unmanageable, and often there isn’t adequate funding to support it. Your staff may not necessarily understand why it’s so essential to make such a change, AUSCSEC will work with you to build processes and policies that help you through each step of the journey and help your staff understand the part they play in keeping you safe.

AUSCSEC recognise the difficulty in transitioning out of legacy environments into business transformation projects and understands there is no one size fits all solution.

AUSCSEC knows only too well that there’s a need to strike a balance when juggling Governance and Compliance against a relentless requirement to always be on, but there is a way to get the balance right.

Know that you aren’t alone!

AUSCSEC is IT software and hardware type and brand agnostic; we are the security integrators and provide the connections and bring whatever resource requirements you need to get the job done.

AUSCSEC will work with you in your current environment and when you want to upgrade, we are equally as comfortable recommending products and solutions that are the best fit for you and your organisation.

AUSCSEC can help by
  • Working alongside you and your staff and sharing the knowledge and lessons learned from our vast experience. We find out what works to secure you so you can be part of a secure community and a secure nation
  • Helping you identify your most valuable assets and eliminating cyber security blind spots in your business
  • We care about your critical data and critical path assets, and we can help you protect them
  • Identifying your vulnerabilities and provide treatments to give you peace of mind
  • Co-designing a security plan with you, in view of your budget cycle, we can help you develop the business cases to support your planning cycle
  • Designing a cyber security compliance plan that is easy to maintain and follow, and we will bring the relevant cyber security regulations framework together for you
  • Ensuring you have a process in place to support an Audit
  • Helping you transform from a cyber secure to a cyber resilient organisation over a financially feasible journey
  • Working as part of the customers’ executive team or security team or both in defining and refining their cyber activities to help build your own capability

AUSCSEC is committed to
  • To enabling the transfer of knowledge and skills to help upskill and augment your workforce while acting as an advisor on cyber security matters when required
  • To providing a broad and deep range of skills that include the ability to talk to your executive in their business language
  • To quickly understand your business and understand your concerns, some of which may be security
  • We believe its everyone’s responsibility to be cyber aware and we are committed to working closely with boards and senior executives to help them understand their accountabilities and responsibilities in managing risk and information security requirements within their Business as Usual (BAU) activities