Cyber Security is industry agnostic

  • Your data, whether it is your personal privacy data or your clients and/or business partners and whether it’s the data of the actual business that you are in
  • Your financial transactions and that of your customers/partners financials
  • Your mission critical business transactions
AUSCSEC has clients, co-providers and partners across multiple industries including the following:
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Technology
  • Federal and State Government
  • Building Construction and Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • AUSCSEC can help you irrespective of what your business is and what industry it is associated with
  • AUSCSEC has strong relationships with Federal and State Government entities and a vast network in the Federal environment in Canberra as well as State Jurisdictions
  • AUSCSEC’s joint experience of over 120 years across Military, as serving members, Government, as Senior Executives and Chief Information Officers, private industry, as Chief Executive Officers, and Commercial entities, as Chief Information Security Officers, affords the availability of great versatility to clients and partners in all industries