Problem Statement:

When an enterprise’s employees and owners are cyber security aware, it means they “fully” understand what cyber threats are, the potential impact a cyber-attack will have on their business and the steps required to reduce risk and prevent cyber-crime infiltrating their online workspace. However, employees and business owners are frequently not cyber security aware at all, or only have part of the story about how cybercriminals mostly target businesses through their employees, business owners and customers.

Cyber criminals will often use any and every piece of information shared on social networks and mobile phone technology so that when employees, business owners and customers unwittingly click on phishing links, open attachments containing malware, go to compromised or invalid websites, or give up credentials and other sensitive information online, cyber criminals will have then bypassed existing layers of security to successfully breach an entire organisation.

Service Description:

AUSCSEC believes true cyber security awareness refers to an employee’s business owner’s or customer’s understanding of cyber hygiene, being able to identify the many ways cyber criminals will try to breach critical business systems or personal accounts and how the employee, business owners or customer can play a critical role in stopping those attacks to protect themselves and their organization.

The aim of AUSCSEC’s cyber security Awareness Training is to provide every employee, business owner and/or customer of your business with a fundamental understanding of cyber security matters and an acute awareness of ongoing cyber threats in our environment locally and globally.

AUSCSEC will prepare your employees, business owners and customers for the most common cyber-attacks and threats. The most common methods of delivering malware payloads are all avoidable with proper user awareness and an understanding of your organisations’ user behaviour. AUSCSEC’s cyber awareness training enables the ability to recognize and avoid these traps.


AUSCSEC cyber security Awareness Training helps your organisation to avoid unnecessary cyber events simply through your employees, business owners and customers awareness of how malware payloads are delivered and can thus be avoided and recognize a cyber event when it is has occurred, is occurring or is primed to occur and thus how to deal with it and avoid or minimize the impact.

Real Life Example:

A government agency often received notice of impending deliveries of equipment and associated invoices from overseas via a well-known international delivery company. Such documents were always automatically scanned before making it into the internal email system. On one occasion an old invoice was sent to an employee who had left many years before and pre the installation of the document security checker.

That employee had not, consequently, seen the invoice and it lay dormant for over two years before another employee was cleaning up services and came across the invoice. Because of the training the employee had received on cyber awareness matters they sent the invoice to their IT security department for checking where it was discovered to be infected with malware. Just by this agency’s employee being cyber alert and trained the agency had prevented malware from entering the organisation’s network.